Project Description

Medical characterized by a central rectangular wooden volume that holds reception, archive, kitchen, lavatory and a technical area. Its tulip identifiable wood coating gives a soothing bright atmosphere. Together with the function of the area it changes in shape throughout the practice.

Medical practice is situated in Maldegem, West-Flanders Belgium with a low rise urban tissue and open spaces.

The oblong shaped building is positioned central in the lot and is characterized by the contrasting use of brick and black window fixtures.

De Schuyter

A functional and psychological approach were key for the design in this project. Functional because of accessibility and technical regulations, that are inherent to the working environment of a medical practice, where circulation interconnects the public and private spaces. Psychological because of the mental and physical state patients can find themselves in when visiting.

Particular attention is given to light and materials that influence the state of mind in a positive way.
The central rectangular volume has a tulip identifiable wood coating and gives a soothing bright atmosphere. Together with the function of the area it changes in shape throughout the practice.

In the waiting area a serpent like form emerges from the wooden wall and becomes a bench where patients can sit. The different benches are separated by armrest-libraries creating small waiting islands.

When a patient visits the practice, according to his mental and physical state, he can choose to sit with other patients or search privacy and sit alone in one of the islands. The facing benches are not parallel but have a skewed zigzagged form in order to naturally avoid a direct eye-contact, if wished.

From the waiting area you can walk towards the reception where the wooden wall transforms itself into a front desk made out of three emerging intersecting volumes. Each volume has a height and a function.

The highest volume is the desk where documents can be laid or and handed over. The middle height volume can be used to rest handbags on and finally a third lower volume in form of a niche, where children can take a small toy when leaving the doctor’s office.

The concept and aesthetic language continues in the offices where custom furniture, also coated in tulip wood, divides the consultation area from the more private examination area.

Design: Joshua Florquin Architecture + Aiko
Program: Planning and interior-design of a medical practice
Budget: 380 K €
Mission: complete
Team: Joshua Florquin, Francesco Ranno
Construction firm: Speeckaert
Client: Artsenpraktijk de Leeuwerik
Location: Maldegem, Belgium
Surface: 100 sqm
Status: Built
Partners: -
Photos by: Matteo Rossi

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