Project Description

This retail space located in an art-deco city house in the centre of Brussels was transformed into a neaker shop. The design is characterized by sober minimal lines and a dynamic ceiling that unifies the space. Niches and volumes generate circulation and give each shoe a unique display. The use of white tiles in combination with integrated lighting behind the ceiling gives the space a play of light between brilliance and reflection. Oak niches and a rough concrete floor balance the atmosphere of the store. The brasse ceiling, following the shape of a wave, give the visitor a guiding experience and make the shop a landmark from the street.

The podium, visible from the street transforms itself into a fitting bench. A white tile wall transforms into a floating register in front of the fitting room where the Lockerroom logo is very visible.

The fitting locker is a central wooden volume that divides the plan into a front shop with a podium, register and a more hidden back shop where a more exclusive selection of shoes are displayed.

Design: Joshua Florquin Architecture
Program: Concept and interior design of a sneaker store
Budget: 100 K
Mission: Complete
Team: JFA
Construction firm: Mike op Maat
Client: Panthers
Location: Brussels (Be)
Surface: 50 sqm
Status: Built
Partners: -
Photos by: Matteo Rossi

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