Project Description

The 36m² store is located in a beautiful 20th century neo classical building in central Brussels near La Bourse . You enter an environment where you feel as if you were searching for a precious object: your special shoe. Design and morphology of the store represent an underground mine with rock and metal elements materialized through the use of black stained plywood, rude oak and brass, emphasizing the exclusive feeling. Rocks formations are designed so shoes can be displayed and customers can sit on them. The reflective brass coated wall carrying the panthers logo is visible from the street making the store a land mark in the sneaker world of Brussels.

Design: Joshua Florquin Architecture
Program: Concept and interior design of a sneaker store
Budget: 100 K
Mission: Complete
Team: JFA
Construction firm: Mike op Maat
Client: Panthers
Location: Brussels
Surface: 50m²
Status: Built
Partners: -
Photos by: Matteo Rossi

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